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How to build an incubator for chicken eggs? 

Are you planning to make homemade egg incubators out of some simple and basic material? If yes here are some simple and effective ways of carrying out the project without spending much amount. Normally the small incubator for sale may be expensive enough; making one at home can be one best way to hatch eggs at ease. Making incubator is no more a tough tasks; follow these steps to hatch eggs at your home. The most important thing that needs to be considered when you build an incubator is the temperature inside and next the humidity level. Both of these can be easily achieved with simple incubator which is made out of Styrofoam.

Important things necessary for the incubator

best-egg-incubatorThere are numerous techniques or tricks available to build incubator for chicken eggs at home. There are some amazing benefits coming up with homemade chicken incubators, not only it is easy to design but in the long rem helps you to save well amount of money too. There are varieties of materials that can be used for the purpose. Before you start designing the main goal should be to keep both humidity as well as temperature in range. Here are some important things necessary for making the incubator:

  • One Styrofoam cooler, plastic can also be used
  • One 25 watt lightbulb
  • One wall picture frame with plastic or glass
  • One light or lamp where bulb can easily fit
  • Roll of duct tape
  • A humidity reader and a digital thermometer
  • A small bowl as well as sponge for water
  • Some fence or chicken wire having around 1/4 inch square is ideal
  • Few chicken eggs

Building incubator for chicken eggs


Once you collect all the above mentioned materials you can start the designing part. Here are some simple ways of building chicken incubator without spending hefty amounts or much effort:

  • The first thing you should do is making the observation window. Make sure you take out plastic or glass out of the picture frame and put it on the top cover of cooler. Make sure you fix the glass properly using tape so that it never falls through. This observation window helps you check everything inside the incubator.
  • The next task is to install the bulb. Cut hole and insert socket and cooler for bulb then fix it properly using tape so that there are no risks of fire.
  • Make sure you keep a safe distance from the bulb, it should not touch anything. Tape it firmly; slightest pf negligence can cause undue heat or fire.
  • Now put water bowl and sponge fill it half way with water and place the thermometer.
  • Put cover and start monitoring the humidity as well as temperature levels. Make sure you check every aspect before you start using it.
  • Check if the temperature or humidity level fluctuates, the main aim is to keep optimal temperature and humidity level inside. Once everything is as per the need place eggs and you are all set with the home made incubator.
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Sitting at home and watch Westworld Stream 

Recently, if you are a fan of HBO channel, I’m sure that you were overwhelmed by inresistible trailer, spoiler of Westworld stream. This magnificent TV series is promisingly a new cinematographic phenomenon which is brought into comparison with other famous TV series such as Game of Thrones, Veep of the Night Of, Breaking Bad, Prison Break,…

On October the 2nd, 2016, Westword was firstly launched on HBO and recorded a historical views of 3.3 million across all platforms, based on Variety’s report. The first episode is also the best series premiere which breaks the record of True Detective series (2.33 million views) in 2014.

However, it still takes time before concluding anything.

Let’s make a few analysis why this stream is worthy of your time and your attention.

Why Westworld will be the next big thing after Game of Throne? 

westworldWestworld plot is inspired by the film of the same title composed by Micheal Crichton in 1973. According to HBO, the film is about “a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin” in which, “every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged”. In other words, the film focuses on the “Hosts” which are the robots staying at the futuristic West World park and they are ready to satisfy all of their guests’ needs. The guests are humans who came for releasing their inner darkness.

Secondly, you must hear the name of the celebrities like Anthony Hopkins who played the part of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs and Edward Harris, the actor who received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well as a lot of well-known awards like Golden Globe or Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Both of them play important roles in this TV series.

Regarding to the executive producters team, Jonathan Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy Nolan are the creators of the show. Every shows directed by Nolan family are well estimated by the critics. J.J. Abrams is also a member of that superb group.

The total amount of money invested in the first season of Westworld is $100 million. The pilot alone used a quarter of the total investment. Each episode costs approximately $9 million. HBO and Warner Bros. Television are the investors behind this stream. With that big sum of money, lofty expectations are certainly an outcome.

Let’s give it a try…

Fortunately, HBO allows us to watch premiere episode for free on HBO’s official website. There’s no need to sign up a cable or HBO NOW. The only thing you should do is to give them your personal information including date of birth and email address. Then, you can watch it online.

Westworld is scheduled every Sunday at 9pm ET. If you are not free every Sunday night, don’t worry. You can still watch Westworld season one on HBO NOW or HBO GO.

Below is Westworld original trailer on Youtube:


What is the best pillow for side sleepers reviews?

best-pillow-for-side-sleepersWhen it comes to pillows, the only thing that comes in mind is the comfort and pleasure. Pillows are meant to provide you comfort and help you enjoy sound sleep after a tiring day. While buying pillows comfort is one important aspect that needs to be considered. With time there are some wide variants and designs of pillows coming up in the market, selecting the best one for your purpose is important. Individuals who prefer side sleepers should look for pillows that provide extra support for neck. When you are sleeping sideways for support is necessary for neck which won’t cause any undue stain on shoulders, backs as well as head.

Understanding the importance of suitable pillows

importanceThere is a whole lot of difference when you are sleeping on your side compared to the one when you are sleeping on stomach or back. It is important to fill up the distance to keep your head straight, something that helps in keeping your spine in line. Sleeping in the wrong position can leave you feel tired in the morning and you may not get sound sleep. It will also lead to other problems such as muscle weakness, back pain, headaches, tingling in legs or arms and may cause problem such as sciatica.

Best pillow for side sleepers

With time there are many new ranges and types of pillows coming up in the market. From popular online portals like you can get to know more about different pillows that ensure comfort for side sleeping without spending much. Memory foam pillow is one which is considered to be best for side sleepers. There are many top and popular pillow manufacturers coming up with memory foam. Compare all its features and price before buying it for your purpose. If you are looking for best side sleepers than only one type stands out, Memory foam.


There are many new variants and types of side sleeper pillows available but Memory foam is the best. It is a heavy duty pillow that keeps your neck in perfect position and ensures sound sleep at night. Apart from that these pillows are soft and plush enough to help you enjoy comfortable sleep at home, anytime. Inner core of the pillows are made up of high quality, durable memory foam which is shredded. Shredded inner core also helps air to pass which doesn’t accumulate heat when you are sleeping. This pillow plays an important role in keeping your head cool and comfortable. These pillows are made up of materials that are hypoallergenic and it resists mites.
Memory foam comes with Rayon Cover which is derived from bamboo, something that keeps it cool and won’t absorb any moisture the way physical cotton cover does. These pillows are easily machine washable and you can easily take care of these pillows with less effort. There are many popular or reputed pillow companies manufacturing Memory foam, select memory foam pillows that is comfortable and best enough for your purpose. Read user reviews before buying.
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How to clean Nike running shoes

nike running shoesIn the world of sport brands, Nike emerges as one of the best in the business. Their shoes are always in top-notched quality and unbelievable durability. However, how long it will take for the shoes to wear out depends on how well you “preserve” them, i.e use and keep them with care. In order to do that, it is necessary to know how to clean them so as to keep them in excellent state for as long as possible. Here are some simple ways to clean them
First and foremost, after having been used each time, scrape off the dirt and other things that got stucked to the shoes while you have been strolling around in the street. They will cause your shoes to wear out much faster and to appear much older than they really are. In order to do that, tap the shoes against each other, use a bit of force if necessary but not too much otherwise their lifespan could be shortened dramatically. For hard-to-come-off stuffs such as chewing gum and mud, extra care and specialized treatments are required so as not to damage the shoes any further. For mud, wait for the mud to dry before using something small to get most of them off your precious shoes, an old toothbrush is highly recommended. The mud will come out very easily and wash the rest with water and let them dry naturally. For chewing gum, use something small to get as much of it off as possible. After that, apply ice cube to the remaining gum and scrape it off. Afterwards, put them neatly on the shelf.

In addition, they need to be washed once in the while, once every 2 months should be enough. After 2 months of being intensively used, your shoes need washing so that they stay clean and ready to hit the road with style once again. Read the instruction carefully and act accordingly. Don’t wash with hot water if it told you to wash with cold water only or don’t wash with water if it told you tp dry-clean only. It is recommended that you wash your Nike running shoes or (giày nike chính hãng) in Vietnamese and their laces separately in order you wash them faster, easier and cleaner too. After thorough washing, leave your shoes to dry naturally. Preferably, leave them under the sun, but if not possible, leaving them in front of the fan should be a good alternative, stuff some old newspaper inside to suck up the water and to speed up the dry process exponentially. Don’t use radiator or any direct heat source to dried them as it could deform your shoes
Follow these instructions and your shoes should last for as long as you want. I hope that you find these information useful.

How to fix car speakers?

car-speakerWith time there are various new ranges and types of car speakers coming up in the market, but at times it may develop few problems. Like all other electronic equipment, speakers too develops problem and it is important to fix the problem. So how you fix best 6.5 speakers of your own? There may be instances when there is hissing, popping or rattling noise coming out from the car speakers. It may be because of some speaker problem or it is dead. Before you start fixing the problem it is important to gain access to the speaker, minor repair may help you fi the problem or else you can replace it.

Important tools to have

Before you start the fixing process, there are some important tools that you need to have. All essential tools like car owner’s manual, glue, replacement speakers, 9 volt battery, screwdriver and drillers should be kept nearby. Start by accessing door mounted, rear deck speakers or dashboard. Check the car manual if you are not sure where to start. Try to examine the speaker panels or grills before you remove it. Remove screws properly and separate the grill from the speaker. There are door panels or dash board pads and you can learn about it from the manual.

Detaching the speaker

The most important thing that you need to do initially is detach all wires and screws, something that can help you get the speaker and test it for all problems. Check if the speaker is mounted from top or from bottom. If the speaker is mounted from the top you gain full access from inside. If it is mounted from bottom you need to climb into the trunk. Detach the speaker from the harness and try to tighten the butt connectors. Check if this helps in fixing the problem.

Other important things to try

• Try to check car speaker for short behavior. Try to disconnect speaker from car and connect it to 9 volt battery. Try to hear if there is any “thump” or “pop” sound, this means the speaker is working properly.
• Try to examine the cone for warping or cracks. There are many adhesives products available in the market that can help you fix cracks at ease. Excessive warping means that it is time to replace your old speakers.
• Check magnet and the voice coil if it is damaged. If there is no problem with cone and still speaker is not working properly, magnet or voice coil maybe damaged. In such cases it is important to replace the speaker.
• Also pay heed to wiring of the speaker, there may be short circuit which is causing such problems. Check for short circuit by wiring any particular speaker that needs to be functional. If there are no sounds from the speaker, it is time to replace its wiring.
• It is always good to check all fuses connected with the car speaker, when wiring or voice coil is in order. Replacing the fuse can help in solving the problem. Still if the problem persists it is time to consult experts for thorough checking.

Ninja professional blender reviews

ninja-professional-blenderWith time there are many new variants of blenders coming up in the market having wide new features and specialties. It is important to check ninja blender reviews before placing the order. Reading reviews is quite important, it gives you the chance to check for all pros and cons of the model and accordingly order it from popular online portals. It is a smart new food processor that comes with handy new features and specialties. Bring home this all new food processor for your kitchen and carry out tasks within moment’s time. It is always important to look for blenders that are efficient and affordable in price.

Features to count

The all new Ninja blender is known to come with whole new range of features and it helps you prepare all kind of drinks, chop peppers, carrots, celery, mince onions, make milk shakes and prepare tomato puree all at ease. What’s more interesting about these benders is that you can use it for making shakes, malts, mixtures, cocktail drinks, cappuccinos and many other drinks at ease. For all smoothie lovers, buying this blender is worth. There are some amazing new features and new functions coming up with blenders that make it perfect for modern day kitchens. Use this blender for preparing various new food juices and other delicious items all at ease.

Added advantage

The specialty of Ninja Blender is that it comes with whole new features and more power. Use this blender for preparing more shakes and delicious food items. This particular Ninja Blender comes with whisk, dough hook and paddle making it easy to prepare pizza or bread dough at home. There comes a lidded processing bowl having a blade that helps you to cut as well as chop most of the food items at ease. There is a high quality blade featured with this blender making it easy to chop and fruit or vegetables at ease. It is always suggested to be careful when you are using this blade, sharp blade can cut your hand or finger.

Easy to clean and operate

luxamed-easy-to-cleanAnother best thing about this all new Ninja Blender is that it is easy to wash making cleaning quite an easy process. The other best thing about this model is that you don’t have to press any button to make it work. Press the button simply and the blender will work of its own. The blending or food processing takes place easily with this particular model. The blender can be used to knead dough; the electronic feedback motor will help in kneading perfect rhythm on the dough.

Compare all models

The last but not the least most important thing about Ninja Blender is the price, these kitchen appliances are all affordably priced and based on your purpose and budget there are various models to buy. Compare the price alongside features coming up with the model to bring home this kitchen appliance. Almost all general purposes are met with this blender and prepare some of the best homemade meals within few hours’ time. This multipurpose kitchen appliance is quite popular in the market and is worth a buy.

How much is a memory foam mattress topper

memory-foam-mattress-topperThere are various new types of mattress topper coming up in the market; memory foam is one popular and widely used type in present day market. Also named as “temper foam”, this all new memory foam was initially developed by NASA for airplane seats way back around 1960s. The specialty of this particular foam material is that it ensures full protection and comfort, so when you sleep it gives you the best ever feeling. This particular foam material molds to human body and slowly spins back to the original shape or position. These types of mattresses are ideal for individuals suffering from joint or back paint. But it is important to know that not all memory foam mattresses are the same. Selecting the best one for your purpose is important.

Price and affordability

price-imageWhen it comes to buying of best mattress topper for side sleepers price needs to be considered, make sure you are shopping for something that is within your reach. There is no doubt the fact that memory foam mattress provides best ever experience and is comfortable, but its price is also high in comparison to other mattress toppers available in the market. The price ranges of foam mattress toppers vary from few hundred of dollars to thousands, all based on the model and brand you are banking on.

Selecting Foam Mattress Toppers

Sleeting the best foam mattress topper is important and these memory foam mattresses are all sold in full, twin, king, queen and California King Sizes. Selecting the right size for your bed is important, to ensure best comfort ever. The right density of the memory foam also holds the key. When it comes to memory foam density it generally refers to the weight of cubic foot memory foam. The price range of memory foam also depends on the density, higher density memory foams are comfortable enough for body, help in supporting your weight, and respond efficiently to your body temperature and most importantly known to be durable enough in comparison to less dense models.
There are different density memory foam mattresses are available in the market, select the ones that best fits into your purpose and gives you full comfort. Another most important thing about memory foam mattress is the thickness you are selecting. Generally these variants are sold in 1,2,3, and 4 inches. Memory foams that are coming up with 2 or less inch thickness will make you feel that the existing mattress is much more comfortable and relaxing. It is always worth to buy memory foam mattresses that are known to have thicknesses greater than that of 2 inches. This will ensure better comfort and help you get sound sleep.


Another most important thing about memory foam mattress is that a proper cover should be used. Generally memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic, resists different allergens and dust mites, but still a cotton cover with high thread count can help in protecting the mattress for years. It is one of the most popular and favored materiel used by present generation individuals, buy the best model fitting into your need.

How to do a frontflip on a trampoline

front-flip-on-the-trampolineWith time there are various new concepts coming up which helps you to stay fit and active. Trampolines are quite popular and with time it is grabbing the attention of users from the around the globe. There are some amazing new features coming up with modern day trampoline. It is one easy and good way of enjoying quality time, meant for old fashioned fun with your loved ones. There is no doubt the present day world is being ruled by gadgets all over, but there are such exciting things like trampoline that gives different level of excitement.

Why to use trampoline?

There are various benefits coming up with trampoline, with some of the popular trampoline you can learn about such facts. It is one best physical activity which gives you the chance to enjoy. Trampolines are quite popular among kids and often in amusement parks, multiplexes you can come across variety of trampolines for adults as well as kids. Trampolines are the best thing that helps you to stay fit, enhances physical skills and fun. Safety is one important thing that needs to be considered when you are enjoying with trampoline, with modern day trampolines you can jump safely.
Trampolines are available in the market for years. In present day time there are many instances when trampolines are being sued for fitness purposes. In earlier time trampolines were more used for fun or entertainment, but now its demand is increasing. Moreover there are various new designs and styles of trampoline coming up in the market, you can check trampoline reviews and learn about some important features before buying it.

Encourages outdoor activity

outdoor-activityWith the advancements of technology there are many new gadgets coming up in the market, almost every modern day kid is seen spending hour splaying videos games. This is something that is not good from physical as well as mental point of view. It is important for kids to spend enough time outside, bring home the best of trampolines and give them the chance to enjoy something new and innovative. The best trampoline reviewswill help you learn new features that are coming up with time. This is something that will attract modern day kids to go outdoors and spend time with their friends. Experts believe trampolines not only keep you fit but at the same time helps kid to grow mentally as well.
In recent times there are many health issues, laziness, obesity problems ad many more complex ailments complained by parents. There are many reasons behind such problems; one important point is most kids prefer to stay indoors. Video games, smartphones and Play Stations keep them indoors all the time. It is important for kids to god out and relish fresh air. By checking some of the best trampoline reviews you can bring home trampoline and attract your kids to go out. This is something that will give them the chance to stay active and jump for fund. Regular such activities will keep aside all health complications.