5 pedals every guitarist should have

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As an electric guitar player, you must probably know how important guitar effects are. Without them, how can we generate such a lively, wide, bizarre, ghostly or unique sounds? Before, in order to generate these effects, we will need a lot of time to prepare the proper tools and places. Nowadays, together with the development of musical technology, we can easily bring wonderful effects to the sounds with the help of guitar amplifiers, guitar amplifier simulation software, rackmount preamplifiers or processors and finally the guitar effects pedals.

reverb pedalGuitar effect pedals are absolutely indispensable for guitar players. They help you to creatively change the sound, the tone or the pitch of an electric guitar. In order to activate them, you will need to place them within a musical chain which is a bridge which connects the electric guitar and the amplifier.

In this article, we are going to show you 3 important pedals and their roles

5 crucial guitar effects pedals that you should have

1)   Distortion pedal:

This pedal helps guitarists to distort the notes hardly. On an oscilloscope, you will see a nice round top and bottom wave illustrating a note. The distortion pedal will flatten out or clip these peaks and bottoms of the note. Some great distortion pedals are the Rat distortion box, the BOSS SUPER Overdrive, MXR Distortion+, the Boss Heavy Metal Pedal and the Boss Distortion.

2)   Boost pedal:

As its name, this pedal is aim for boosting your guitar signal. This wonderful tool allows us to hit the front end of the amplifier with more signal. This pedal will also increase the volume level which also pushes the input section of your amp.

3)   Overdrive pedal:

Similar to the distortion and fuzz pedal, the overdrive pedal is also used to change the note but subtly and slightly warmly. The leader of overdrive pedals available on the market should be The Ibanez Tube Screamer. It is widely known because of the legendary guitarist Steve Ray Vaughan. The Tube Screamer is great when it works very well with an overdrive amp.

4)   Reverb pedal:

The reverberation is one of the first guitar effects founded. This effect imitates the reflections of the sounds within an enclosed space such as a big cathedral, a large ball room, a classroom, a concert hall. The larger the room is, the lesser the reverb a pedal should generate because the space itself also accelerate the reverberation. This is also a must-have guitar effect pedal. In order to purchase a good reverb pedal, please spend time read thoroughly the reverb pedal reviews available on the Internet.

5)   Delay pedal:

The Delay effect means that you will play back a recorded sound after a short period of time the original sound is played. There are 2 main kinds of Delay effects. Firstly, the delayed sound is exactly the same as the original sound or we can call this effect “echo”. Secondly, the delayed sound is different from the original sound.

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