Best treadmill workout tips

Best treadmill workout tips
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Most people go to the gym thinking that they should get on the treadmill as fast as possible because they think that is the fastest way to burn the calories. What people don’t know is that in order to archive good result from training, you should consider your age, weight and control your running speed and heart rate while running. Moreover, training with treadmill without warm up can cause serious muscle pains and injuries. Follow our best treadmill workout tips to archive the best result anytime you go to the gym.

Warm up

Don’t skip it just because you think that it is a waste of time. Running with high speed without warming up can cause muscle cramping and injuries because your muscle is still tight and need to loosen. And yours respiratory and circulation system can’t deal with sudden changes. So relax and spend 5 minutes or more to loosen your muscle by walking or jogging slowly.


Running posture

Science has proven that running in a long time at the same place can cause boredom. So many manufacturers have added a big screen on their treadmill but this lead to another problem. The user usually to focus on the screen that they don’t realize that their postures are wrong. So keep in mind that your head and neck should be straight, maintain a straight spine and wide shoulder. Don’t lean too much to the front. Posture is really important if you want your training to be effective and prevent injuries.

Adjust running program

To have more stamina and burn more calories in training. While running, you should sometimes adjust the training to be more intensive in a couple minutes. Doing that will lessen your training and bring more result. And focus on your heart beat sensor, this will show your training result. Here is the formula to find your effective heart rate: Effective heart rate = (220 – your age) x 0.7

Relax your muscle

In many cases, fatigue that leads to tired at the gym is probably because you suddenly stop running after a long exercise. So take about 5 minutes to walking or jogging to relax your muscle then stop exercising. After exercising, relax your muscle to prevent fatigue and pain.

Positive attitude


You may think that this has little effect on your training. Well, you are wrong. Science has proven that a positive person often archives better result than those who always come to the gym with a negative attitude.

Work with other

There are so many people at the gym. Many of them are expert. So you should spend the time to communicate with other rather than just running. Their experience may help you in the training. And a good atmosphere also brings a better result, not only in training but everything else.

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