Mt Everest, the world’s tallest mountain peak, is located on the Nepal-China border and is part of the Himalayas, a long range of high mountainous terrain in Asia. The yearly climbing of the mountain has become a passion that is gripping the imagination of many mountain climbing athletes worldwide.
The conquest of the mountain by Edmund Hillary so many years ago has drawn many others to it, hoping to be one of the Everest conquerors too.

This yearly event draws to the base camps at the foot of Mt Everest many nationalities, each representing his own country as one of the aspirants to conquer the mountain. Aside from individual climbers, teams of climbers come to do the climb together, maybe hoping to be able to achieve the feat with a better chance than if one is to climb alone.

Being able to conquer the mountain seems to be a passion of mountain climbers out to prove to the world and even to just himself that he has what it takes to do it, seems to be an incurable addiction of the Mt Everest climber. He comes almost yearly complete with the necessary climbing equipment ready for the many challenges he can meet at every turn in the ascent.

Among the mountain climbers’ gear would always be a very light inflatable air mattress. This he uses for warmth when he beds down to recover some strength before continuing his climb. Each climber has his own way of getting the rest he needs along the way especially because the temperatures in the mountains are below freezing.

For a company like, it might be a good idea to send a representative to the area to assess what could be a possible design of the air bed and mattresses the company makes especially for the use of those who have to bed down on the ground in very cold temperatures. If there is a way to come up with a design of an bed adjustable air mattresses that at the same time provides automatic warmth, many mountain sport enthusiasts, among them Everest climbers, will be happy to get several sets of the mattress.

The company can sell the queen air mattresses not only to mountain climbers but also to other outdoor sportsmen, and even those not really in sports, but to those whose work involve sleeping outdoors most of the time.

Many have died trying to pursue that Everest dream, but still there is no stopping of others from trying to make the climb. In fact, the number of climbing aspirants seems to be increasing yearly. Some countries even support their own delegations for the climbing event, only possible during certain months of the year.

The time of the Mt Everest climb as a popular sport has arrived. When a sport becomes popular, many makers of sporting gear ride on the popularity of the sport in order to promote their products. The quality air beds and air mattresses of may very well have the picture of A Mt Everest conqueror on the logo. That will surely make the Mt Everest dreamer buy an air mattress or two.

nike running shoesIn the world of sport brands, Nike emerges as one of the best in the business. Their shoes are always in top-notched quality and unbelievable durability. However, how long it will take for the shoes to wear out depends on how well you “preserve” them, i.e use and keep them with care. In order to do that, it is necessary to know how to clean them so as to keep them in excellent state for as long as possible. Here are some simple ways to clean them
First and foremost, after having been used each time, scrape off the dirt and other things that got stucked to the shoes while you have been strolling around in the street. They will cause your shoes to wear out much faster and to appear much older than they really are. In order to do that, tap the shoes against each other, use a bit of force if necessary but not too much otherwise their lifespan could be shortened dramatically. For hard-to-come-off stuffs such as chewing gum and mud, extra care and specialized treatments are required so as not to damage the shoes any further. For mud, wait for the mud to dry before using something small to get most of them off your precious shoes, an old toothbrush is highly recommended. The mud will come out very easily and wash the rest with water and let them dry naturally. For chewing gum, use something small to get as much of it off as possible. After that, apply ice cube to the remaining gum and scrape it off. Afterwards, put them neatly on the shelf.

In addition, they need to be washed once in the while, once every 2 months should be enough. After 2 months of being intensively used, your shoes need washing so that they stay clean and ready to hit the road with style once again. Read the instruction carefully and act accordingly. Don’t wash with hot water if it told you to wash with cold water only or don’t wash with water if it told you tp dry-clean only. It is recommended that you wash your Nike running shoes or (giày nike chính hãng) in Vietnamese and their laces separately in order you wash them faster, easier and cleaner too. After thorough washing, leave your shoes to dry naturally. Preferably, leave them under the sun, but if not possible, leaving them in front of the fan should be a good alternative, stuff some old newspaper inside to suck up the water and to speed up the dry process exponentially. Don’t use radiator or any direct heat source to dried them as it could deform your shoes
Follow these instructions and your shoes should last for as long as you want. I hope that you find these information useful.