Best treadmill workout tips

Most people go to the gym thinking that they should get on the treadmill as fast as possible because they think that is the fastest way to burn the calories. What people don’t know is that in order to archive good result from training, you should consider your age, weight and control your running speed and heart rate while running. Moreover, training with treadmill without warm up can cause serious muscle pains and injuries. Follow our best treadmill workout tips to archive the best result anytime you go to the gym.

Warm up

Don’t skip it just because you think that it is a waste of time. Running with high speed without warming up can cause muscle cramping and injuries because your muscle is still tight and need to loosen. And yours respiratory and circulation system can’t deal with sudden changes. So relax and spend 5 minutes or more to loosen your muscle by walking or jogging slowly.


Running posture

Science has proven that running in a long time at the same place can cause boredom. So many manufacturers have added a big screen on their treadmill but this lead to another problem. The user usually to focus on the screen that they don’t realize that their postures are wrong. So keep in mind that your head and neck should be straight, maintain a straight spine and wide shoulder. Don’t lean too much to the front. Posture is really important if you want your training to be effective and prevent injuries.

Adjust running program

To have more stamina and burn more calories in training. While running, you should sometimes adjust the training to be more intensive in a couple minutes. Doing that will lessen your training and bring more result. And focus on your heart beat sensor, this will show your training result. Here is the formula to find your effective heart rate: Effective heart rate = (220 – your age) x 0.7

Relax your muscle

In many cases, fatigue that leads to tired at the gym is probably because you suddenly stop running after a long exercise. So take about 5 minutes to walking or jogging to relax your muscle then stop exercising. After exercising, relax your muscle to prevent fatigue and pain.

Positive attitude


You may think that this has little effect on your training. Well, you are wrong. Science has proven that a positive person often archives better result than those who always come to the gym with a negative attitude.

Work with other

There are so many people at the gym. Many of them are expert. So you should spend the time to communicate with other rather than just running. Their experience may help you in the training. And a good atmosphere also brings a better result, not only in training but everything else.

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nike running shoesIn the world of sport brands, Nike emerges as one of the best in the business. Their shoes are always in top-notched quality and unbelievable durability. However, how long it will take for the shoes to wear out depends on how well you “preserve” them, i.e use and keep them with care. In order to do that, it is necessary to know how to clean them so as to keep them in excellent state for as long as possible. Here are some simple ways to clean them
First and foremost, after having been used each time, scrape off the dirt and other things that got stucked to the shoes while you have been strolling around in the street. They will cause your shoes to wear out much faster and to appear much older than they really are. In order to do that, tap the shoes against each other, use a bit of force if necessary but not too much otherwise their lifespan could be shortened dramatically. For hard-to-come-off stuffs such as chewing gum and mud, extra care and specialized treatments are required so as not to damage the shoes any further. For mud, wait for the mud to dry before using something small to get most of them off your precious shoes, an old toothbrush is highly recommended. The mud will come out very easily and wash the rest with water and let them dry naturally. For chewing gum, use something small to get as much of it off as possible. After that, apply ice cube to the remaining gum and scrape it off. Afterwards, put them neatly on the shelf.

In addition, they need to be washed once in the while, once every 2 months should be enough. After 2 months of being intensively used, your shoes need washing so that they stay clean and ready to hit the road with style once again. Read the instruction carefully and act accordingly. Don’t wash with hot water if it told you to wash with cold water only or don’t wash with water if it told you tp dry-clean only. It is recommended that you wash your Nike running shoes or (giày nike chính hãng) in Vietnamese and their laces separately in order you wash them faster, easier and cleaner too. After thorough washing, leave your shoes to dry naturally. Preferably, leave them under the sun, but if not possible, leaving them in front of the fan should be a good alternative, stuff some old newspaper inside to suck up the water and to speed up the dry process exponentially. Don’t use radiator or any direct heat source to dried them as it could deform your shoes
Follow these instructions and your shoes should last for as long as you want. I hope that you find these information useful.

car-speakerWith time there are various new ranges and types of car speakers coming up in the market, but at times it may develop few problems. Like all other electronic equipment, speakers too develops problem and it is important to fix the problem. So how you fix best 6.5 speakers of your own? There may be instances when there is hissing, popping or rattling noise coming out from the car speakers. It may be because of some speaker problem or it is dead. Before you start fixing the problem it is important to gain access to the speaker, minor repair may help you fi the problem or else you can replace it.

Important tools to have

Before you start the fixing process, there are some important tools that you need to have. All essential tools like car owner’s manual, glue, replacement speakers, 9 volt battery, screwdriver and drillers should be kept nearby. Start by accessing door mounted, rear deck speakers or dashboard. Check the car manual if you are not sure where to start. Try to examine the speaker panels or grills before you remove it. Remove screws properly and separate the grill from the speaker. There are door panels or dash board pads and you can learn about it from the manual.

Detaching the speaker

The most important thing that you need to do initially is detach all wires and screws, something that can help you get the speaker and test it for all problems. Check if the speaker is mounted from top or from bottom. If the speaker is mounted from the top you gain full access from inside. If it is mounted from bottom you need to climb into the trunk. Detach the speaker from the harness and try to tighten the butt connectors. Check if this helps in fixing the problem.

Other important things to try

• Try to check car speaker for short behavior. Try to disconnect speaker from car and connect it to 9 volt battery. Try to hear if there is any “thump” or “pop” sound, this means the speaker is working properly.
• Try to examine the cone for warping or cracks. There are many adhesives products available in the market that can help you fix cracks at ease. Excessive warping means that it is time to replace your old speakers.
• Check magnet and the voice coil if it is damaged. If there is no problem with cone and still speaker is not working properly, magnet or voice coil maybe damaged. In such cases it is important to replace the speaker.
• Also pay heed to wiring of the speaker, there may be short circuit which is causing such problems. Check for short circuit by wiring any particular speaker that needs to be functional. If there are no sounds from the speaker, it is time to replace its wiring.
• It is always good to check all fuses connected with the car speaker, when wiring or voice coil is in order. Replacing the fuse can help in solving the problem. Still if the problem persists it is time to consult experts for thorough checking.

front-flip-on-the-trampolineWith time there are various new concepts coming up which helps you to stay fit and active. Trampolines are quite popular and with time it is grabbing the attention of users from the around the globe. There are some amazing new features coming up with modern day trampoline. It is one easy and good way of enjoying quality time, meant for old fashioned fun with your loved ones. There is no doubt the present day world is being ruled by gadgets all over, but there are such exciting things like trampoline that gives different level of excitement.

Why to use trampoline?

There are various benefits coming up with trampoline, with some of the popular trampoline you can learn about such facts. It is one best physical activity which gives you the chance to enjoy. Trampolines are quite popular among kids and often in amusement parks, multiplexes you can come across variety of trampolines for adults as well as kids. Trampolines are the best thing that helps you to stay fit, enhances physical skills and fun. Safety is one important thing that needs to be considered when you are enjoying with trampoline, with modern day trampolines you can jump safely.
Trampolines are available in the market for years. In present day time there are many instances when trampolines are being sued for fitness purposes. In earlier time trampolines were more used for fun or entertainment, but now its demand is increasing. Moreover there are various new designs and styles of trampoline coming up in the market, you can check trampoline reviews and learn about some important features before buying it.

Encourages outdoor activity

outdoor-activityWith the advancements of technology there are many new gadgets coming up in the market, almost every modern day kid is seen spending hour splaying videos games. This is something that is not good from physical as well as mental point of view. It is important for kids to spend enough time outside, bring home the best of trampolines and give them the chance to enjoy something new and innovative. The best trampoline reviews will help you learn new features that are coming up with time. This is something that will attract modern day kids to go outdoors and spend time with their friends. Experts believe trampolines not only keep you fit but at the same time helps kid to grow mentally as well.
In recent times there are many health issues, laziness, obesity problems ad many more complex ailments complained by parents. There are many reasons behind such problems; one important point is most kids prefer to stay indoors. Video games, smartphones and Play Stations keep them indoors all the time. It is important for kids to god out and relish fresh air. By checking some of the best trampoline reviews you can bring home trampoline and attract your kids to go out. This is something that will give them the chance to stay active and jump for fund. Regular such activities will keep aside all health complications.