How to fix car speakers?

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car-speakerWith time there are various new ranges and types of car speakers coming up in the market, but at times it may develop few problems. Like all other electronic equipment, speakers too develops problem and it is important to fix the problem. So how you fix best 6.5 speakers of your own? There may be instances when there is hissing, popping or rattling noise coming out from the car speakers. It may be because of some speaker problem or it is dead. Before you start fixing the problem it is important to gain access to the speaker, minor repair may help you fi the problem or else you can replace it.

Important tools to have

Before you start the fixing process, there are some important tools that you need to have. All essential tools like car owner’s manual, glue, replacement speakers, 9 volt battery, screwdriver and drillers should be kept nearby. Start by accessing door mounted, rear deck speakers or dashboard. Check the car manual if you are not sure where to start. Try to examine the speaker panels or grills before you remove it. Remove screws properly and separate the grill from the speaker. There are door panels or dash board pads and you can learn about it from the manual.

Detaching the speaker

The most important thing that you need to do initially is detach all wires and screws, something that can help you get the speaker and test it for all problems. Check if the speaker is mounted from top or from bottom. If the speaker is mounted from the top you gain full access from inside. If it is mounted from bottom you need to climb into the trunk. Detach the speaker from the harness and try to tighten the butt connectors. Check if this helps in fixing the problem.

Other important things to try

• Try to check car speaker for short behavior. Try to disconnect speaker from car and connect it to 9 volt battery. Try to hear if there is any “thump” or “pop” sound, this means the speaker is working properly.
• Try to examine the cone for warping or cracks. There are many adhesives products available in the market that can help you fix cracks at ease. Excessive warping means that it is time to replace your old speakers.
• Check magnet and the voice coil if it is damaged. If there is no problem with cone and still speaker is not working properly, magnet or voice coil maybe damaged. In such cases it is important to replace the speaker.
• Also pay heed to wiring of the speaker, there may be short circuit which is causing such problems. Check for short circuit by wiring any particular speaker that needs to be functional. If there are no sounds from the speaker, it is time to replace its wiring.
• It is always good to check all fuses connected with the car speaker, when wiring or voice coil is in order. Replacing the fuse can help in solving the problem. Still if the problem persists it is time to consult experts for thorough checking.

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