How to build an incubator for chicken eggs?

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Are you planning to make homemade egg incubators out of some simple and basic material? If yes here are some simple and effective ways of carrying out the project without spending much amount. Normally the small incubator for sale may be expensive enough; making one at home can be one best way to hatch eggs at ease. Making incubator is no more a tough tasks; follow these steps to hatch eggs at your home. The most important thing that needs to be considered when you build an incubator is the temperature inside and next the humidity level. Both of these can be easily achieved with simple incubator which is made out of Styrofoam.

Important things necessary for the incubator

best-egg-incubatorThere are numerous techniques or tricks available to build incubator for chicken eggs at home. There are some amazing benefits coming up with homemade chicken incubators, not only it is easy to design but in the long rem helps you to save well amount of money too. There are varieties of materials that can be used for the purpose. Before you start designing the main goal should be to keep both humidity as well as temperature in range. Here are some important things necessary for making the incubator:

  • One Styrofoam cooler, plastic can also be used
  • One 25 watt lightbulb
  • One wall picture frame with plastic or glass
  • One light or lamp where bulb can easily fit
  • Roll of duct tape
  • A humidity reader and a digital thermometer
  • A small bowl as well as sponge for water
  • Some fence or chicken wire having around 1/4 inch square is ideal
  • Few chicken eggs

Building incubator for chicken eggs


Once you collect all the above mentioned materials you can start the designing part. Here are some simple ways of building chicken incubator without spending hefty amounts or much effort:

  • The first thing you should do is making the observation window. Make sure you take out plastic or glass out of the picture frame and put it on the top cover of cooler. Make sure you fix the glass properly using tape so that it never falls through. This observation window helps you check everything inside the incubator.
  • The next task is to install the bulb. Cut hole and insert socket and cooler for bulb then fix it properly using tape so that there are no risks of fire.
  • Make sure you keep a safe distance from the bulb, it should not touch anything. Tape it firmly; slightest pf negligence can cause undue heat or fire.
  • Now put water bowl and sponge fill it half way with water and place the thermometer.
  • Put cover and start monitoring the humidity as well as temperature levels. Make sure you check every aspect before you start using it.
  • Check if the temperature or humidity level fluctuates, the main aim is to keep optimal temperature and humidity level inside. Once everything is as per the need place eggs and you are all set with the home made incubator.

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