How to maximize your drill press potential?

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A drill press is very versatile. Its main purpose is for drilling hole into a piece made from hard materials such as wood, stone, metal or plastic. Some of other sculptors use drill press for other applications for example drilling square holes with a mortiser or sanding with a spindle sander, etc.

Thanks to its features, thousands of woodworkers worship this useful device and therefore, there’s a wide range of press drill brands available on the market. That’s why it’s not an easy task to pick a good one. Most of people will choose to read the drill press reviews on the Internet in order to gain expertise recommendations. However, be aware of the biased affiliate agents’ reviews because their main purpose is to make money via each successful deal when you click to the link that they present within their articles. Before purchasing any drill presses,

In this article, we are going to show you different applications of a drill press in woodwork only

1. Drill holes in a specific material surface

drill-holesFormerly, woodworkers tend to use a handhold power drill or cordless drill with the aim of performing drilling holes into pieces of wood. However, when a project requires a lot of accuracy and elaborateness or maybe, requires large holes drilled into wooden pieces, these aforementioned tools can’t not fulfill those tasks. This is when the drill press becomes your hero. This device has a powerful motor which can drill the big hole easily in a short period of time. Drill press also feature a quill and chuck which are held in alignment with a drill press table whose height is adjustable. These features will help you drill perfectly vertically.

2. Drill out a mortise

Old school woodworkers often cut the mortise by a chisel which requires lot of time and energy to finish the task. Together with the development of technology, the mortiser was born in order to facilitate this process. In case you have no mortiser, a drill press would help. You can use it to cut out the piece of wood in the mortise, then use a chisel to square up the mortise’s edges. If your project requires much more works related to the mortising, then you can easily buy a hollow-chisel mortising attachment to facilitate the squaring up process.

3. Sand pieces of wood

pieces-of-woodWoodworkers often use an oscillating spindle sander in order to sand the piece of wood down after being cut by a jigsaw or a band saw. In case you have no spindle sander, your drill press can easily do the job with a barrel sander attachment. This application of drill press not only works with wood sanding but also with other materials due to the adjustable spindle sanding speed.

4. Prepare the perfect holes for doweling

For centuries, doweling is a common technic to strengthen 2 pieces of wood connection. The most important task will be exactly drill the holes in the right place. This is the right job for the drill press.



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