What does a good pair of car speakers must have?

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Any car owners should have a set of the best 6.5 car speakers to be a companion for a ceaseless and lonely journey. This automotive accessory range widely in cost, and especially in standard. It takes time to find a good pair of car speakers among tremendous amount of products that suits your style as well as your budget. Therefore, we decide to take the tough task of seeking, studying and testing this product into account. However, sharing is caring. In this article, we are going to show you the guide on choosing valuable car speakers by sharing the criteria that a good one must have.

Good car speakers’ criteria

good-car-speaker-designGenerally, a pair of car speakers have two different speakers which send out different ranges of frequencies and sounds. The larger speaker, also known as the woofer, plays the lower to mid range rate. On the other hand, the smaller one, or the tweeter emits the supremely high range frequencies as well as noises. Why do we should separate the woofer and the tweeter? Beside clearing out the output sound, the separation significantly reduces the distortion.

Best materials

  • Good tweeters should be made from soft materials such as textile blends, polyurethane or silk thanks to their ability to generate warm sound.
  • Good woofers should be build with the combination of lightweight and hard materials for instance polypropylene or woven fabrics in order to create good bass sound.
  • For the housing, we highly recommend you to choose the rubber housing because of its capability of heatproof and humidity proof.

Nice design

Unique appearance is not indispensable but play a key role when it comes to choosing car speakers. Because a good manufacturer will invest in designing their product with the goal of satisfying their clients’ pride and ego.

Simple installation process

If you are not a professional automotive engineer, it doesn’t matter because a good pair of car speaker doesn’t require much knowledge and patience to finish the installation process. They are well manufactured based on the most modern production line and technology. Therefore, they must be compatible with the majority of car models.

High quality of Sound and Bass

high-quality-of-sound-and-bassGood speakers in general and good car speakers in particular are able to produce such a pure, clean and warm sound. Sound quality is an abstract measurement. Hence, audio scientists have invented the quantification methods. Just simply find the speaker with the criteria as described below:

  • Total Harmonic Distortion is below 0.1%
  • Signal to Noise Ratio ranges between 90 and 100
  • High Headroom figure
  • Impedance of 8 ohms or fewer
  • High sensitivity
  • Power Handling RMS rating from 120 watts per pair to 360 watts per pair

It will take time to thoroughly understand the meaning of these aforementioned figures. Just simply follow the criteria above and make the research on the Internet.

Good customer reviews

good-customer-reviewsThis is the most crucial step. Nowadays, there are many companies that claim their product features dishonestly. It’s necessary to purchase the products with lots of customer reviews. However, in order to avoid the fake and bias review, just read ones with the label “verified buyer” on amazon.


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